Fitness and Self-Defense


 Women's Self-Defense Training

LV Fitness Academy's seminar in Landstuhl (USAG Kaiserlautern), Germany

Linda's training studio is based in Las Vegas, NV, specialize in Women's Fitness, Women's Self Defense and Empowerment Seminars. Working with experts in the fitness, self-defense and motivational industries, the Linda Vu (LV) Fitness Academy Vu is committed to empowering women to protect themselves with practical techniques that can be applied from the parking lot to the battlefield

Linda and her team travel worldwide setting up interactive workshops teaching the women to protect themselves from different types of physical assaults including Close Quarters Combat and Weapons Disarmament.  During the seminars, Linda and her instructors teach the women to use reality-based techniques that will inspire, motivate and empower those in attendance.  Each seminar runs approximately 2 hours.


Linda’s seminar includes but not limited to:
* Recognize, Avoid & Defend Yourself
* Basic Principles of Self Defense & Taking Control
* Fast, simple and effective steps to disarm an assailant in seconds
* Defend from an Attack From Behind
* Techniques & Strategies to Defend Against Knife and Gun Attacks
* Physical Drills & Scenarios
* Ground Defensive Techniques
* Identifying Soft Targets

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Linda recently travelled the world for the Department of Defense (DOD) and Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE), visiting and training with the troops stationed overseas including Saudi Arabia, Djibouti Africa, Bahrain, Qatar, United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and more.

Linda’s seminar has been a great addition to the SAPRO training the military provides. The Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (SAPRO) serves as the single point of authority for program accountability and oversight, in order to enable military readiness and reduce -- with a goal to eliminate -- sexual assault from the military.

The LV Fitness Academy offers seminars locally as well as internationally. Linda's goal is to empower women around the world through her fitness and self-defense training.





Women's Self Defense DVD demo

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Linda demonstrating gun defensive techniques at her seminar in Benelux, Belgium

Linda Training US Airmen Women

in Lakenheath, United Kingdom

LV Fitness Academy's Women's Self-Defense seminar in Landstuhl (USAG Kaiserlautern), Germany

Demonstrating Wing Chun Kung Fu - Blind-folded Chi-Sao (Sticky hands) technique